Vader Streams setting information and tutorial sum up 2

Features of Vader Streams:

*** Five accesses at a time over 3 different IPs
*** Multi screen facility (stream 1-4 games simultaneously)
*** TV guides on kodi,
*** Special Matchcenter guide for live games & PPV,


*** APK available, easy to install, Dummy-proof application
*** Supports perfect player, kodi, Roku, zgemma, stb & any iptv windows, iOS or android player, And more to explore.

#1 iptv vader streams|

Vader Streams general Setting information


IPTV guide

Vader Streams on web browser (Multi screen facility)

Vader Streams Apk for Android boxes(Android OS 5.0+)

Vader Streams web player in browsers:

Vader Streams repo for KODI

Vader streams MAG/STB/STB Emulator portal URL:

Test your internet speed: 

Check your public IP address:

#1 iptv vader streams|

Vader Streams APK  for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Install  Vader Streams Apk on Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV

1,Go to settings— device—developer options

Turn onboth ADB debugging and Apps from unknown source

2,Go back the home by clicking home button on remote

3,Find Search iconat top left corner of home screen and click it  (the icon is just beside Home on the screen top menu)

4,Input “Firedl” in screen keyboard, move down to firedl and click

5,Screen will go to Firedlapplication, select it to download

6,Install and open it

7,Input 947418with screen keyboard to Firedl Url

8,Vaders apk will come out, just download and install

9, Open the Vaders apk and input your username and password.

That is all. Enjoy

You can move Vaders applicaton to home screen for easy access.

click home then click down twice to the line that says your apps and channels,

scroll all the way to the right to see all and click that.

Then go down to the bottom of that list that opens and select the Vaders app but don’t click it.

Then click the three-line button on the remote and it will give the option to move to front click that. Then click home on the remote again and the Vaders app will be on their main screen

#1 iptv vader streams|

Vader Streams setting for iOS(Apple TV 4/4K,iPhone,iPad…)

Add Vader Stream M3U playlist to GSE Pro IPTV on your Apple TV 4/4k or other iOS device (iphone,iPad)

Follow the steps:
1.Download GSE PRO IPTV FROM APP STORE(Need to pay, we don’t have any connection with GSE Pro,it is your own responsibility)
2.After installation open app and go to Remote Playlists from the app menu
3.Tap on + icon
4. Enter “Vaders” in Playlist name
5.Enter your M3U playlist link

(XXXX need to be replaced by your Vader streams account credentias)

6.Tap ADD

You almost done , just go back to Remote playlists and tap on Vaders and you can see the countries categories. Select your country and watch your Channel .

***Also application iPlayTV is Strongly recommended, Simply, Easy and Nice***

Add vader streams m3u playlist to iOS devices


Step 1: Install Perfect Player from the Google Play Store onto your box (optional: Install the Perfect Player Remote onto your phone or tablet to control perfect player)
Step 2: Open Perfect Player on your box , Click the gear icon to open settings , click on General
Step 3: Click where it says Playlist and add the following line into the URL section

M3U Playlist:

EPG List:

VOD only Playlist:

FOR CATCHUP:”|catchup=xc”

*** Replace XXXX with your username & password given in the email

how to set up vader streams on Perfect Player

Vader Streams SETTING ON KODI:

* HOME Screen > Add-ons > Settings button * > Enable Unknown Sources.
* BACK to HOME screen > Settings button
* > File Manager
* > Add Source.
* Enter in the top box > Enter VADER in the bottom box > OK.
* BACK to HOME screen > Add-Ons > Add-on Browser
* Install from zip file > VADER > > .
* Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
* Install from repository > Vaders.TV Add-ons > Video add-ons > Vader Streams > Install.
* Wait for Add-on enabled notification.
* Username and Password will need to be entered into the add-on settings.
* Go to EPG Settings/ uncheck PVR Integration.
* Vader Streams is now installed and ready to use.
* The Add-on can now be opened from HOME screen > Add-Ons > Vader Streams.
*** IF THE EPG DON’T WORK PLEASE PERFORM A MAJOR RESET: >> systems -> addons-> program addons -> tv guide -> settings -> major reset, then restart kodi and wait for the addon guide to populate again. <<

How to set up Vader Streams iptv on Kodi


1. Download the smart-stb app onto your TV (LG or Samsung)

2. Start the app when it say “press enter…” press your OK button on your remote…this takes you into Smart-STB option menus.

3. In the settings menu you should find the option that gives you your MAC Address and your Virtual MAC Address. Write both of this down.

4. Go the website and either register for the trail or purchase a license**

5. Input the MAC Address from #3 (not the Virtual MAC address), and fill the site portal as

6. Wait until you get a confirmation you are setup on Smart-stb

7. Go back into the option/settings menu and make sure the Virtual MAC address has not changed. If show write down the new one.

7. Contact IPTV Express or your reseller and have them change the MAC address to your Virtual MAC address in #3.

8. Wait for confirmation and once you have restart your TV/App.

**Note: if you switch from the Smart-stb trial service to a fully license version you will given a new Virtual MAC Address. So will have to get it from your TV and give it IPTV or your reseller

How to set up Vader Streams iptv on Kodi