Best Wiziwig Alternatives – Top 10 Best – Free Sports Streaming Sites


Best Wiziwig Alternatives – Top 10 Best – Free Sports Streaming Sites


A heaven for all the sports lovers, WiziWig is a website that provides complete information about all the sports at a single place. It is a global sports channel which allows sports fans to watch live sports matches, news andmovies about different sports and games. It is largely involved in livetelecast of American football, tennis, rugby, baseball, soccer, NASCAR, hockey, Formula 1 Race and basketball.

This TV platform made it easy for sports lovers to keep themselves updated with the latest tournaments, matches andnews about theirfavoritesports. However, the website has been shut down sometime back and sports fans cannot watch live sports streaming like before.

If you too are looking for some alternatives to WiziWig, here is the list of the top 10 WiziWig alternatives which let you keep track ofdifferent sports and games.

  1. Atdhe

Atdhe allows watching all the latest games from any place in the world. You will find live streaming of most of the sports and games played in different countries of the world on this sports platform. The website is extremely simple and straightforward to use. You can start watching your favoritesports without even having to register on the website. Atdhe uses direct streaming to provide live streams to users. It streams all the major sports including poker, rugby, volleyball, handball, football, racing, MotoGP, hockey and other sports.

  1. SportP2P

SportP2P is another platform that serves the purpose of providing live streaming of popular sports events across the globe. This website lets you watch all the latest games from all around the world. On SportP2P, users can watch live football matches from numerous leagues in addition to tennis, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, motorsports, cricket, badminton, golf, cycling andmany more sports played in various countries of the world. All the sports channels are transmitted through different protocols and sports fans can stay updated on their favoritesports without paying anything.

  1. SportStream

An amazing sports entertainment platform, SportStream provides live streaming of all the latest matches and sports organized in different places aroundthe world. It also has the list of sports channels with upcoming matches and time of streaming. It shows matches from different sports including baseball, badminton, soccer andothers. SportStream is an excellent choice for sports lovers who want to stay updated on their favoritesports and the latest games. It is one of the best alternatives to WiziWig and a great way to stay entertained.

  1. Live TV

Another excellent WiziWig alternative, Live TV is a free sports web portal that streams live tournaments and games from around the world. It is a totally free service that you can start accessing upon registration. You can watch all the live tournaments, live score and videos for different sports played across the world. It lets you follow numerous sports including football, basketball, rugby, ice hockey andothers and stay updated on the latest events in these sports.


  1. BatManStream

Another alternative to WiziWig is BatManStream, an online sports streaming channel that allows watching live matches in the sports like racing, football, rugby, baseball, volleyball, basketball, NFL andothers. Using this service is very simple. Users can simply choose the sports of their choice and check for live streaming. They can start viewing it instantly if there is any match being played in any country. You can watch all the games live in full HD quality. You can create an account and download a browser extension to stream live matches without any problem.

  1. Sport365

Sport365 also proves to be a great alternative to WiziWig as it allows watching live streams of numerous sports at one place. It supports different sports like volleyball, tennis, baseball, basketball, hockey and more. Though highly popular and preferred for watching Football matches, Sport365 also lets you watch streams of boxing, soccer, racing andothers. This web-basedplatform offers an easy-to-use website that lets you select from ‘Live’, ‘News’ and ‘Watch Now’ sections to get started.

  1. Stream2Watch

An excellent online source to enjoy live sports channels, Stream2Watch is a reliable provider of entertainment based sports channels. It offers a wide range of sports channels providing live streams of football matches, snooker, premierleagues, hockey, NHL, live streams of golf and numerous other sports and games. It is the best website to stream sports online from the comfort of your computer. It has everything a sports fan would want inone place. You just need to sign up with your email to start streaming your favoritesports in high definition for free.

  1. 12thPlayer

A sports platform dedicated to football, 12thPlayer lets you get the latest updates and news about the game. You can subscribe to the service for free and stay updated on your favoritesport. Live support and regular updates are directed to registered members. 12thPlayer offers most of the sports streams including the Barclays Premier League. The website is neat and clean and easy to use. You can watch live football matches on the website and different leagues and tournaments from across the world. The website even provides information about other sports like volleyball, rugby, baseball, tennis andbasketball.

  1. CricFree

One of the best alternatives to WiziWig at the time is CricFree, an ultimate sports destination for fans from all the countries of the world. Though the name suggests that it is a channel dedicated to cricket stuff, it is a great service that offers numerous sports streams provided by different live streaming platforms. The website has a neat and clean layout and you can start watching your favoritesports here in no time. Cricket enthusiasts would find this website really useful as it keeps you on the top of all the latest cricket news and updates.

  1. VIP Leagues

The top WiziWig alternative on our list is VIP Leagues, an amazing channel for sports entertainment. This site offers all the live streams and sports update about different games inone place. The best thing about this site is that it provides live streams of all the sports around the world. Once you register, you can browse anything and get the latest updates and streams without having to pay anything. You can watch live streams for football, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey, motorsports, MotoGP, volleyball as well as all other sports played in different parts of the world.

These are some of the best alternatives to WiziWig to stream any sport from your computer. Most of these services are free and give you the perfect live sports streaming experience.

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