HIVE IPTV offers  1000+ top channels of USA/UK/CAN/Latino and Live Sports, Most are HD/UHD quality, clean and simple .
Multiple Platforms
HIVE IPTV each account allows 5 connections for iOS/APK/Kodi/Prefect Player/Web Browser.Or Link to Mac address devices(MAG/STB) by yourself 


Never Miss Games
HIVE IPTV especially focus on Live Sports Games of NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA,PPV’s from UFC, WWE, Boxing and more.

What do you get with HIVE IPTV?

– Allows up to 5 devices at the same time
– Access to the HIVE IPTV player (
– HD quality premium sport packages – 400+ 24/7 channels
– 200+ USA National/regionals
– 200+ UK National/regionals
– 150+ Canada National/regionals
– High quality USA streams
– Android App, Perfect Player make for easy install on any android box!
– works with all popular Device/Platforms/App


Order Now
  • 24 Hours Trial
  • $3/24 Hours


    Support most platforms

    iOS(Apple TV, iPad, iPhone)/Kodi/fireTV/Perfect player/STB Emulator/M3U playlist/Windows/Mac…..

    *5 accesses allowed simultaneously*

    USA/UK/CAN/Latino & Sports


    ***All sales are Final***

  • $11.8/month


    Support most platforms

    iOS(Apple TV, iPad, iPhone)/Kodi/fireTV/Perfect player/STB Emulator/M3U playlist/Windows/Mac…..

    *5 accesses allowed simultaneously*

    USA/UK/CAN/Latino & Sports


    ***All sales are Final***


HIVE IPTV Settings


Download APK to Fire TV/Android Box


Step 1 – Enable apps from unknown sources

-From your Amazon Fire Stick home screen go to Settings and then to Device.
-Go to Developer Options.
-Enable Apps from Unknown Sources. Click Yes on the warning.

Step 2 – install downloader app on amazon fire tv stick or box

-Go back to Amazon Fire TV home screen and scroll to the Search option (top right, right beside the Home option).
-Type in Downloader in the keyboard which shows up, or click the microphone button and say “Downloader”
-Once you have typed in Downloader scroll down, make sure Downloader word is highlighted and press the Select button (center circle) on the remote.
-On the next screen, select Downloader and then on the next screen press Get.

Step 3 – download Beast Player APK

-After you open the Downloader app, highlight the text box and click on it, then type the link below:

Step 4 – click download, then install

-After you download the APK Ple, install it by clicking Install in the lower right corner.
-After its installed, click Open
-Once you open it, type your username and password which was you requested to be emailed to you after purchase.


Perfect Player, iPlayTV, Prog TV, or any other m3u players use the following links.

Playlist URL (NO SPACES)


Of course, you have to replace XXX with your actual USERNAME and PASSWORD

#1 iptv vader streams|

1.)Download GSE Pro IPTV from App Store.
2.) On Left Side At The Top Click On The 3 Lines To Open.
3.) Select Remote Playlists .
4.) Tap the ‘+’ symbol.
5.) Select “Add M3U URL”.
6.) Name the playlist  Hive TV
7.) For the playlist link type in your M3U playlist:
8.) Go to Main Menu
9.) Tap EPG (XMLTV Format) and choose EPG Program Guide
10.) Tap the ‘+’ symbol
11.) Add Remote EPG Source
12.) In the EPG name field call it Hive TV
13.) EPG source link type in your EPG url 
14.)Click Add
15.)To watch Live TV you can use the Remote Playlist or use the EPG.

#1 iptv vader streams|

MAC address for MAG or other STB

MAG254/256/322,BUZZTV, STB Emulator, MyTvOnline, DOL2

Create Profile Named Hive, enter portal URL


-Go to web player (
-Click settings (three dots on the top right corner of screen)
-Find MAG Preference (at left bottom corner of screen)
-Fill the MAG address and save.
Mostly the MAG address read as 00:1A:79….
MAG Portal:



PVR Simple Client is a Kodi addon that lets you stream Live TV channels. This addon offers no content of its own. It works perfectly with Beast TV. Simply put, you need to integrate your current IPTV service with this add-on to stream channels on Kodi.
Part A:Install PVR Simple Client in Kodi
1, Open the Kodi application and click the Settings option on the home screen
2- On the next window, click Add-ons
3- Now, open the option Install from repository
4- If you see the window with the list of the repositories, click Kodi Add-on repository (appears only if you have installed at least one third-party repository)
5- Scroll down a little and choose PVR Clients on the next screen
6- On the following window, scroll down a bit and click PVR IPTV Simple Client
7- Click the Install button on the next screen (bottom right)
8- Wait while PVR IPTV Simple client is installed
Part B:Configure the PVR IPTV Simple Client
before this, please get your M3u Playlist and EPG URL ready which you can find your email of service account info., For both url address is some long, to make inputting easier and avoid mistake, please shorten the two url with, you will input the two  address in below steps.
Go to Settings -> Add-ons -> Enabled add-ons -> PVR Clients and select the IPTV Simple Client add-on
Select “Configure”
Select General setting, input your m3u Playlist URL in M3U Play List URL under Location, save with ok
Select EPG Setting, input your EPG URL  in XMLTV URL under Location, save with ok
Logout of Kodi
Login and go to TV, Enjoy

Streaming  with VLC on PC  (Windows/ MAC)

1,install VLC player, it is free application, just download online and install it
2,Get M3U playlist file
change the link below, replace XXX with your username and password respectively,
then copy to browser to download the playlist file
***change XXX to your username and password respectively,
3, download the playlist file (suggest using Firefox browser to download)
4, open the downloaded file with VLC application
5, Check if it is working, if working, just move the m3u file to media library (the second line)

Smart TV setting




1,Go to

2,Add your smart iptv mac address

3,Add M3U link with your user/pass

4,Choose save online, various, logos

Submit, then restart your smart tv



watch anytime anywhere